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                                                                     Denver Colorado Public Adjuster/General Contractor Denver Colorado
     Denver Colorado Public Adjuster|General Contractor Denver Colorado

Our number one goal for our customers when calling us at 720-448-0668, is to receive the LARGEST insurance payment possible. We will work tirelessly at our expense to make sure we accomplish that goal. Hiring a public adjuster is the only way to get a larger & superior settlement amount from your insurance company.

What we do here for you:

  • We review your adjusters claim for all the holes, mistakes and errors in his written estimate.
  • The solutions provided are based on your claim's unique set of conditions and we educate you on all our processes.
  • We will act quickly to preserve important evidence so monies for those items are not lost.
  • We communicate with you regularly, so that you are aware of how your claim is being reviewed, grown, and manufactured..
  • We provide all of the necessary, required and accurate documents needed for payment & inform your insurance company what they owe.
  • We fully investigate the damages, photograph, document, diagram and build the claim based on current insurance law and correctly interpreted policy provisions.

When you’ve suffered a catastrophic loss or are getting the runaround with your insurance company in Denver Colorado, hiring a public adjuster can bring you amazing relief. The right General Contractor Denver Colorado or Denver Colorado Public Adjuster, understands the complex nature of filing insurance claims and rebuilding homes in your area. Hire a public adjuster and be assured that your claim will progress smoothly & satisfactorily under the careful eye of an insurance pro who works only for you.

Why we are successful

Our company employs a team of experts on your case. These experts trump any consultants or supervisors working for your insurance company.  Included, are specifically trained fire-consultant adjusters, structural and re-construction engineers, construction general contractors, contents specialists & a bevy of lawyers to provide the most necessary support for your claim. The faster & sooner we work on your claim, equates to a better financial settlement we'll receive for you. Media Specs Public Adjusters are ready to serve your every public adjusting need. 

While many policyholders decide to file their own claims, it’s critical to know that filing insurance claims is a complex process that most people never truly succeed at. Being unfamiliar with insurance terminology, policy requirements, such as (list of lost contents & their replacement values)(proof of loss statements)( written estimates that must use the insurance companies estimating software) cost estimates to rebuild, paperwork requirements, & the general insurance claims process leads to confusion & the potential for unsatisfactory settlement conclusions.

  A public adjuster typically performs the following services in exchange for a small percentage of the final settlement:

• Files the required and necessary paperwork, which can be extensive
• Reviews insurance policy provisions to ensure payment on all applicable provisions, and current contract law
• Conducts a complete inspection of the damage and bring aboard necessary consultants when needed to force payment
• Carefully takes inventories of potentially lost items first, then inventories the remaining damaged items.
• Develops extensive estimates of all structural damage including the "multiple layers" of damage that must be replaced
• Carefully documents all damage with digital pictures, notes, and necessary documents and diagrams
• Generates a comprehensively detailed packet of your insurance claim of losses suffered, and expected future expenses
• We also work with homeowners with denied claims, or unsatisfactory settlement offers, and also closed claims

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Did You Know...

According to a survey conducted by the State, Public Adjuster claims resulted in a
747% higher settlements for insureds.  In another study, they concluded that Public adjuster claims resulted in a 659% increase in settlement amounts for insureds.

WHAT ARE THE FINANCIAL BENEFITS OF HIRING A Denver Colorado PUBLIC ADJUSTER or General Contractor For Your Denver Colorado Solution?
  "Go to our F.A.Q.S." page for the answer!

The information and advice is free, never a consultation fee. Call Anytime for free professional help with your claim.

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