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Here are some important links to companies I have personally worked with on house fires and water damaged claims over the years, and I know the owners personally as friends and as very good/nice people.  I fully recommend them over any of their competition 110%, they are that good with their customers, and I am sorry their are only a few, but they are by far the best I've personally worked with:

: Go to their website for water removal from water damage (broken pipes or damage from fireman's hose), and for fire restoration services including tear-outs and haul-a ways. They also will inventory all of your contents, store them, and have them cleaned and listed and give each an actual appraisal value for the insurance company so you can replace them with new. Very friendly owner!  To contact them simply click on this URL or you can type it in your browser>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE >>>>>  SIRSLLC.Com

COLORADO SUPERIOR ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION: This owner is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He started off in the roofing business 30 years ago and quickly expanded into a full service contractor from installing concrete driveways, to the building of complete homes. They remodel bathrooms and kitchens and replace all your damaged wooden framing that was burned, and tear out all your drywall and ceilings and re-install all of it to new. They have experience working with insurance companies and public adjusters. We have done many jobs together with many many happy customers. They will tear out all of your bad and replace the interior with new. Oh yeah, they can also do your roof!
When they are done your home, it will look the same as the day before it happened. CLICK HERE>>>>>

This company specializes in one thing, putting an accurate value on all of your contents even when there is just black soot left. Their job is to be there before the firemen take anything from your home, throw it out, or carry it away for disposal.  They have to inventory it, get it listed, give it a value before it disappears and the insurance wont pay you for it.  They are a legal witness to your contents that are destroyed by the fire. They also haul your contents to a warehouse and store it, and can also have it cleaned.

These are the 3 best companies I know.  If you use these 3, they are capable of HANDLING AND PROVIDING every need you have to return your home to it's "ORIGINAL CONDITION". I hope my website has been helpful and informative in your hours of need. Mark McFadden public adjuster.
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